Do You Admire a Friend's Home Decorating Skills but Cringe When It Comes to Doing it Yourself?

This site was built with you in mind. Yes, I see you there with your knees knocking together at the thought of painting your walls anything but white.

The questions are swirling around in your head. What paint color combinations shall I choose? How do I know what home accessories will work with my furniture and decor? How can I make the outside of my home more appealing even though I'm working with a tight budget? How do I know what styles go together? Help! I need some new ideas!

On the pages to follow you'll find everything from decorating a bachelor pad to decorating small rooms to choosing the best inexpensive home decorating ideas without sacrificing style.

Get ready. The interior design world as you know it is about to change. Before we're through, you'll be an interior decorating olympian! Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you'll at least be ready to take that first gigantic leap of paint! So, resist the couch potato urge, grab your sneakers and follow your coach. This'll

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