Ideas for Decorating a Small Kitchen

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Decorating a small kitchen can is all about fooling the eye. Since you can’t actually make a space larger without a pair of old jeans and a sledge hammer, illusions will have to do. And they do work quite nicely. On this page you will find ideas that will visually push your walls back. Ahh, you’ll be able to breathe again! You'll soon know how to create a beautiful kitchen in a small space!

Booksicon specifically written for small spaces offer some wonderful ideas that you may have never thought of. You may be surprised to know that there is a whole slew of them out there! You aren't the only one who has to make do with cozy surroundings. You may find the book below particularly interesting when decorating a small kitchen.


If you are starting from scratch, invest the extra cash into extra tall upper cabinets. They will be more expensive, but since you are decorating a small kitchen, you will make up for the price by not having to purchase as many cabinets. It will give you a tremendous amount of extra storage space. So much so that you may want to consider storing other items in your kitchen cabinets like dining room linens or craft supplies. Tall cabinets will also draw the eye upward which creates the feeling of open space.

If you have a short wall in need of cabinets install them in the configuration below. This small kitchen decorating idea gives you more storage on top of the smaller cabinet and the best part is you can cover it with a decorative valance on a café style spring rod. The space below is so tiny that I had to squeeze into a corner just to shoot the picture.

What colors you ask? Keep your selection down to just a couple. Too many colors confuse the eyes and sure enough, the walls will start to close in around you.

In order to design a beautiful kitchen in a small space,you must keep the colors light and the window coverings airy. The more light you can let in the room the better because light reflects and gives a spacious feeling. You may even want to consider taking the doors from adjacent room off the hinges. This forces the eye to flow to the next room and will make the kitchen feel more open. If you decide to go this route, be sure that the adjacent room is similar in color combinations. Differentiate the rooms by using different textures instead of different colors.

Before decorating a small kitchen, choose flooring that is light in color. Hardwood floors stained naturally with little grain are an excellent choice. If you’re stuck with dark old vinyl, paint it! If you’re able to replace old flooring, choose a design that is smooth and has little or no patterns. If you choose ceramic tile, use grout that is a light color. The reason for this is that the eye tends to stop and focus in on hard lines or patterns. Because you are decorating a small kitchen, you want your eyes to be drawn past the walls.

Feel stuck with old dark cabinets? You can paint them too!

Pot racksicon can be very handy when space is scarce. Don’t worry about your cookware being on display. It adds a nice architectural element and no body really cares if your pans are new and shiny. Some pot racks even have an extra shelf to store the lids.

Consider buying new appliances that are smaller and more energy efficient. Keep that microwave from hogging valuable counter space by mounting one that is self vented right above the stove.

Above all, get rid of junk, uh, er, I mean precious items that you just don’t use anymore. Let’s be honest, how many glasses can you really drink out of at one time? My rule of thumb is I only store in my kitchen as many dishes as will fit into my dishwasher in one washing. The rest are in storage. If you must store extra glasses or stemware, install stemware storage racks under your upper cabinets. If you have an extra set of china that only gets used on special occasions, store it in the garage or basement. Not being able to see it regularly will make it more fun to use!

The results from decorating a small kitchen can be so rewarding! So don’t waste any more time! Start right away!

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